Tendering for Local Government Jobs

There are a number of small scale, labour-intensive projects managed by municipal corporations, such as the development and maintenance of physical infrastructure, provision of scavenging services and water delivery, for which small contractors within the community are encouraged to tender. The tendering process is designed to ensure transparency and fairness in the award of contracts for goods and services by municipal corporations.

Contractors interested in tendering for municipal projects are required to register with their municipal corporation. The corporation selects suitable contractors from the pool of registered vendors within the municipality and issues an invitation to tender when projects become available. Reputable external contractors are sought through advertisements published in the daily newspapers when there are no suitable contractors within the municipality. Applicants are provided with a tender package that includes:

  • A Form of Tender
  • The Scope of Work/Technical Specifications
  • Drawings

The documents should be completed and any additional information requested should be included. The package should be delivered to the address stated in the invitation to tender. Tenders are evaluated by the corporation and suitable contractors are selected and contacted for the signing of the agreement.

Tenders FAQ