Point Fortin

Point Fortin Borough Corporation


The Mission of the Council of the Point Fortin Corporation is the provision of good governance for the Borough of Point Fortin aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of its burgesses by providing efficient and effective service within its statutory functions, to enable their social, cultural, physical, political and economic well-being through a participatory process.

Contact Information

Image for email iconEmail: pfbc@tstt.net.tt

Image of Adress bookAddress: Town Hall George Road Point Fortin

General Office: 648-2868 or 648-2124

Fax imageFax: 648 - 4424

Telephone imageTel:

648 – 0718


Point Fortin, Techier, Cap-de-ville, Guapo, Newlands, Egypt, Fanny Village, Mahaica


9.2 sq mi (23.88 km²)

Website http://www.pointfortin.com/

Download Corporation Documents 

Point Fortin Borough Spatial Development Plan

wordPoint Fortin Emergency Operations Plan

Point Fortin Municipal Investment Plan

Map of Point Fortin

Contact Officials of the Corporation


Alderman Clyde Paul


Deputy Mayor

 Councillor Abdon Mason


Chief Executive Officer

 Ms. Patricia Bradshaw


Corporate Secretary

 Mr. Mark Byan


Town Superintendent

Mr.Derrick Boyce

648-2868/2124 Ext. 237

Financial Officer

Miss Maria Smith

648-2868/2124 Ext. 228                

Engineering and Survey Officer

 Dr. Anant Ramkilowan


Disaster Management Coordinator

 Irma Duncan Forde