Sangre Grande

Sangre Grande Regional Corporation


To provide prompt quality services to the citizens of the region in an effective manner thereby enhancing the standard of living of communities within the context of national development

Contact Information

Image for email iconEmail:

Image of Adress bookAddress: County Hall Ramdass Street Sangre Grande

General Office: 668 - 2488

Fax imageFax: 668 - 2492

Telephone imageTel: 668 - 2461; 376 - 5014


Sangre Grande, Toco, Fishing Pond, Valencia, Cumuto, Cunapo, Tamana, Manzanilla, Vega


18.64 km² (7.2 sq mi)

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Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Spatial Development Plan

Sangre Grande Municipal Investment Plan

Map of Sangre Grande

Contact Corporation Officials 

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Raymond Seepaul



Financial Officer

Mr. Calver Stephens

649-2349 Ext. 234


Disaster Management Coordinator

Mrs. Donna Mc Colman –Woods

725-5550 or 649-2349 Ext. 250


Keshwar Maharaj

649-0211 ext 233 or 795-3166


Engineering and Surveys Officer

Mr. Rakesh  Ramnath

649-2349 Ext 251



Corporate Secretary

Winston Benn

649-2349 Ext 237



Principal Medical Officer

Mr. Eugene Laurent

649-2349 Ext 238