Building and land development

Approval of building plans

Applicants are required to:

  1. Have plans drawn by a qualified draughtsman or architect
  2. Submit three (3) completed copies of the drawings along with an application form available from the Town and Country Planning Division.
  3. Applicants should check with the Corporation (Building and Inspector’s Office) two (2) weeks after receiving an acknowledgement letter.
  4. If there are corrections to be made to the plan, a Notice of Defect will be sent to the applicant.
  5. In cases where the area is served by a sewage system, the applicant will be required to produce the isometric (plumbing) drawings approved by the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA).
  6. The applicant/owner is required to produce identification when collecting plans

Time frame for delivery: 2 months

Fees vary: Interested persons are asked to call the Municipal Corporation for information.

Contact Building Inspector at the respective Municipal Corporation.  

Approval of land development layouts

Developers must submit to the respective Municipal Corporation, at least four (4) completed copies of the development plan from the Town and Country Planning Division.  Applications for more than ten lots must obtain approval from the following (advisory) agencies:-                              

  1. Chief Designs Engineer, Ministry of Works and Transport
  2. Chief Fire Officer
  3. Water and Sewage Authority
  4. Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission

Applications for 10 or less lots of land should only be taken to the agencies listed above if roads and or bridges have to be built on the land.

Once requirements are met, approval is granted and a Notice of Approval is sent to the applicant.  Applicants are advised to call the Municipal Corporations for information as fees vary.

How to obtain your construction completion certificate

1. Before a certificate of completion can be issued, a request must be made for an inspection of the building to be carried out.

2. This request is made at the Building Inspector’s Office at the relevant Municipal Corporation.

3. Applicants must also complete an application form obtainable at all Municipal Corporation offices

4. An appointment is then given for the inspection.

5. Where applicable, Completion Certificates from WASA and T&TEC are requested by Municipal Corporations.

6. If the Building is constructed contrary to the approved plans, an amended drawing must be done to show the actual building, as constructed.

7. Completion certificates can be collected two (2) weeks after the building has been inspected and approved.

8. Applicants are advised to call the Municipal Corporations for information on the applicable fees as these vary.

Inspection of buildings under construction

  1. Upon receiving approval of plans, notify the Chief Executive Officer of the Municipal Corporation in writing of the date on which any work in connection with the building would commence.
  2. The site will be inspected at various stages of construction, on the request of the builder, to ensure conformity with the approved plans.

Complaints on building construction

Complaints are made in writing to the Municipal Corporation.  In the case of building construction violations, the following steps should be taken:

  1. File a complaint in writing to the Engineering Department and/or Building Inspectorate of the respective Municipal Corporation.
  2. If there is a violation, Show Cause Notices and Stop Orders are served.
  3. The offender is required to reply to the Notice.
  4. The Council may make corrections to the building/structure and the cost of alterations will be charged to the offender.

Contact information for advisory agencies

Advisory Agencies should be contacted for ten (10) lots and under only if roads and bridges have to be constructed.  The contact information for advisory agencies is listed below:

-    Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
Head Office:
Farm Road,St. Joseph.
Telephone: 1(868)662-2302/7


Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Services Commission

Head Office and Customer Service Centre
63 Frederick Street, Port of Spain 
Phone: (868) 623 - 2611 / 6, 623 - 6291 / 6274 / 6273 / 2667 / 1617, 
Customer Service Center ext. 2820
Fax: (Registry) (868) 625 - 3759
Fax: (Corporate Communications)       (868) 624 - 3734      

Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service

Fire Service Headquarters

Wrightson Road, Port of Spain 

Telephone: 625-2671-5

Fax: 623-8463

Ministry of Works & Infrastructure 
Main Administrative Building

Attention: Chief Designs Engineer

Cor. Richmond & London Streets

Port of Spain


Tel: 625-1225




Contact information for the Town and Country Planning Division

Town and Country Planning Division

North-West and Central Regional Office

Eric Williams Plaza

Independence Square

Port of Spain

Trinidad, West Indies

Tel/Fax. (868) 625-8445


Town and Country Planning Division

North-East Regional Office

Level 2, Tunapuna Administrative Complex

Eastern Main Road


Trinidad, West Indies

Tel/Fax. (868) 663-2726


Town and Country Planning Division

South Regional Office

Palm's Club

Point-a-Pierre Road

San Fernando

Trinidad, West Indies

Tel/Fax. (868) 652-2141


Town and Country Planning Division

Tobago Regional Office

Works Building, Ground Floor

Castries Street


Tobago, West Indies

Tel/Fax. (868) 639-2663