Chaguanas Borough Corporation


Through the development of our Human Capital, the use of appropriate technology and by the efficient procurement and organization of our resources, the Chaguanas Borough Corporation will deliver with excellent quality services and facilities to our burgesses in a timely, cost effective manner thereby creating satisfaction and delight.

Contact Information

Image for email iconEmail: OR

Image of Adress bookAddress: Cumberbatch Street and Taitt Street Corner, Chaguanas

General Office: (868)665-5320 ext. 3087 OR 671-0576

Fax imageFax: (868)665-3847

Telephone imageTel: (868)783-0358


Downtown Chaguanas, Montrose, Edinburgh Gardens, Lange Park, Felicity, Orchard Gardens, Endeavour, Enterprise, Longdenville, Cunupia, Carlsen Field


59.65 km² (23 sq mi)