Diego Martin

Diego Martin Regional Corporation



The Diego Martin Regional Corporation will be a very efficient quality service provider to all our burgesses and other stakeholders, in a holistic and sustainable manner.


The Diego Martin Regional Corporation will provide quality infrastructure and social services in an efficient manner through a competent, highly motivated and innovative team, using all resources, to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

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Together- Making the Diego Martin Region the Best Place to Live.

Contact Information

Image for email iconEmail: dmartin1@tstt.net.tt

Image of Adress bookAddress: 17-18 Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin

General Office: 633-1533

Fax imageFax: 632-2502

Telephone imageTel: 731-8450


Chaguaramas, Carenage, Point Cumana, Goodwood Park, Glencoe, Westmoorings, Diego Martin, Petit Valley, Maraval, Cocorite, Fort George, Bellevue/Debe, Upper St. James


127.53 km²