Tenders FAQs

How do I become a Petty Contractor with the Corporation?

To become a Petty Contractor the following steps are required:

  • You must first apply by either writing a letter requesting to become a registered Contractor with the Corporation, or by visiting the office of the Tenders clerk and filling out an application form.
  • You are then contacted when a date is appointed, to attend an interview, at which the County Superintendent determines if you are capable of performing the services stated on your application letter/form. After this, recommendations are made for you to become a Petty Contractor for the Corporation, if successful.
  • The recommendations are then submitted to the Ministry of Local Government, who in turn forwards it to the Central Tenders Board for approval.
  • When you are approved to become a Petty Contractor, you will then receive a letter informing you of your registration.
  • Your company’s name is then added to the list of Registered Petty Contractors for future use by the Corporation.

What does the department do?

Tenders department deals with the procurement of goods and services on behalf of the Corporation.

Who can register to become a Petty Contractor?

Any Individual or Small Contractor who is not an employee of the Corporation that he is interested in registering at, and has the skills and the resources to undertake the type of projects offered by the Corporation.

Terms of Reference

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